Why I’m Blogging

Whats up everybody, MaddMoni here! I decided to come back to blogging because I have plenty of things to talk about. Most of which will be my progress of artworks, future videos, my original manga, fan comics, ¬†art supplies, pokemon (YES I LOVE POKEMON) and whatever I feel like I need to put. I’m not going to vlog on youtube and I ONLY post my artwork on Tumblr, therefor¬†I decided to dump all of this information here. I take a lot of notes for myself but I feel like the notes I take are to good to be kept hidden. I felt like this would be some juicy content to put on a blog and increase my brand. I always say ‘I’m drawing pictures’ and I am, but you guys have no idea what I’m working and why. So If you’re interested in that kind of thing..”The progress of an artist” then you’re in the right spot. Enjoy and thanks for reading >:)

– MaddMoni #Its Madd.